Vanessa Sanchez @ CSUCI

Date October 24, 2019 3:30 PM–6:00 PM
Location Malibu Hall 140
Description Performance

Vanessa Sanchez is a Chicana Native dancer, educator and choreographer who focuses on community arts education and multi-cultural dance forms. Her work often takes percussive art forms out of their traditional context to create dialogue in a new setting, using percussion as the language to tell a story. Sanchez is interested in fusing various dance styles to address the complexities of contemporary culture and tell the untold stories of communities of color. She holds a degree in Dance and Education from San Francisco State University. As a dedicated and experienced arts educator in the latinx community, she works to ensure accessibility to quality arts training and performances. Sanchez is a San Francisco Bay Area native and the founder/Artistic Director of the multi-disciplinary performance ensemble, La Mezcla. Her work has been shown on stages throughout the United States, Mexico and Portugal.

Vanessa will present excerpts from her work and discuss her creative process.

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