Housing Move-In Day 2019

Date August 23, 2019 9:00 AM–4:00 PM
Locations El Dorado Hall Park, Other Location
Description Orientation


Housing & Residential Education Move-In Day 2019
CI HRE Residents move back into the residence halls for 2019-2020 school year.
3 components:

Check-In Station: Happening at El Dorado Park
At this station, residents receive their keys to move into their residence halls and officially check into their space.
Special addition to this space: portable restrooms; exact location of placement and delivery date is currently in TBD status

Admin Support Station: Happening at Santa Cruz Village, Building E, Room 130
At this station, residents visit with HRE staff to discuss/resolve any items/issues that are pending on the account, (financial, enrollment, etc).
Shuttles will take students and supporters down Ventura Street from El Dorado Park to Santa Cruz E Building

Actual Move-In: Happening within the residence halls villages, Anacapa, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, and Town Center
Specific traffic plan to this area will be emailed to Kim
At this station, residents will engage in the move-in process by unloading/loading their belongings into their assigned occupancy spaces.

Traffic plan: (per Robert Inglis)
To move-in: residents are instructed to go south on University Dr., and to turn left on Santa Barbara Street, and then a right at Camarillo Street. Residents of Town Center will make a quick left onto Rincon Drive. All others will proceed to A10 parking lot where CSOs will direct them. Residents residing in Santa Rosa will park on Santa Paula Road to unload. Residents in Santa Cruz and Anacapa will be queued in SH2 to either park on Ventura Street, or to proceed to SH1 to unload. 

To receive their key at El Dorado Park (Checking In): 

Vehicles will park in the A-3 lot for check in. After they have checked in, they will walk back to their cars, then the cars will proceed down Camarillo Street to the A-10 lot. CSOs will direct Move-in Guests to enter the A-10 parking and drive towards the SH-2 entrance of A-10. Based on the unloading location they will be directed to one of three areas:

· SH-1 – Anacapa Housing
· Ventura Street – Santa Cruz Housing
· Santa Paula Street – Santa Rosa Housing
Vehicles will be staged in a queue in the SH-2 parking lot and as spaces are available they will be allowed to continue to their assigned unloading locations.

After vehicles unload, for those that wish to stay a bit longer, they will allowed to park in the A11 parking lot.
Vehicles must have a temp parking permit/card from Student Housing to be able to unload during this period. The temp parking permit will also have a contact phone number.


• DUMPSTERS:Will be delivered on 8/19/19: 4 to Anacapa (3 by building A, and 1 by building C), 3 for SH2, and 1 for Town Center by building D. In past years, Transportation & Parking Services has blocked of parking stalls for the dumpsters. Dumpsters will be picked up on 8/26/19.

• PORT-A-POTTIES: We will have an ADA port-a-potty delivered to El Dorado Park by 8/22/19.

• IRRIGATION: Request irrigation be turned off on 8/23 for El Dorado Park, and Anacapa grass by building A.

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