Kilusan Pilipino Meetings

Dates Feb 7, 2019–Apr 18, 2019, 7:15 PM–9:30 PM Thursdays
Location Sierra Hall 1411

Helping to promote Pilipino culture to the Channel Islands campus, Ventura County community, family, and friends. As the sister club to Kilusan Pilipino in Stockton at the University of the Pacific (KP-OP est. 1994), we strive to be more than just another campus organization. KP is FAMILY. Kilusan Pilipino recognizes, welcomes, and thrives on diversity. As a whole, the KP Family consists of students from different ethnicities, cultures, and majors -- all that is required to join is a genuine interest in Pilipino culture. We continuously display the talents of our club members, whether it is leadership, acting, dancing, singing, or making each other laugh. Kilusan Pilipino becomes another family for its members, who develop close and personal friendships. Kilusan Pilipino is another home away from home. 

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