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Name Title Email Affiliation
Popenhagen, Ludvika Professor - Performing Arts and Global Languages & Cultures Faculty
Popenhagen, Ron Faculty
Powelson, Michael Lecturer AY - History Faculty
Pribisko, Melanie Instructional Faculty AY Faculty
Prior, Michael Faculty
Profant, Lorna P Lecturer AY - Biology Faculty
Pugia, Ross D Lecturer AY - POLS - 3 Faculty
Quaife, Kathleen Lecturer AY - Art - 4 Faculty
Quintero, Amanda Michelle Associate Vice Provost for Student Success & Community Engagement Faculty
Quintero, Elizabeth Emeritus Faculty
Rafter, Mark S Extended University Faculty Faculty
Rajmaira, Sheen Lecturer AY - POLS - 3 Faculty
Rasnow, Brian K Lecturer AY - Physics - 4 Faculty
Ray-Goodman, Diana Lecturer AY - Performing Arts Faculty
Reder, Claudia Lecturer AY Faculty
Reid, Nathanael J Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Reilly, Jack Emeritus Faculty
Reineman, Dan Instr Fac AY Faculty
Reinman, Michael P Lecturer AY - Art - 2 Faculty
Reynoso, Jacqueline Cecilia Instr Fac AY Faculty
Reznicek, Catharine L Lecturer AY - Liberal Studies Faculty
Rivas, Annamarie Faculty
Rivas, Monica R Associate Director of Academic Advising Faculty
Robbins, Ty Colin Lecturer AY-ECON-3 Faculty
Roberson, Malia Jade Lecturer AY - Performing Arts Faculty
Robles, Ariana Aguilar Coordinator of New Student Orientation Faculty
Rockenstein, Mari Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Rodriguez, Donald Faculty
Rodriguez, Kristina CAPS Psychologist Faculty
Rodriguez, Rhonda Fox Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Rogozhin, Dmitry Teaching Associate Faculty
Roos, Christopher Loren Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Rothrock, Elizabeth J Lecturer AY - Performing Arts Faculty
Roushan, Mojgan Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Roybal, Roger A Lecturer AY - Math - 4 Faculty
Rummel, Tim Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Rush, Richard Faculty
Sackerson, Charles Lecturer AY - BIOL - 5 Faculty
Sacks, Holly Extended University Faculty Faculty
Salazar, Christina Gammel Public Services Faculty
Salin, Shaina Lynn Lecturer AY - Communication Faculty
Sanchez, Luis Alberto Associate Professor of Sociology Faculty
Santiago, Mamerta Magdalena Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Sarig, Ronit Lecturer AY - English Faculty
Saunders, Emily Sue Lecturer AY - Communication Faculty
Schmidhauser, Tom Lecturer AY-BIOL-5 Faculty
Scholl, Christopher W Lecturer AY - POLS - 3 Faculty
Schulze, Thomas Joachim Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Scrivnor, Kevin Teruo Lecturer AY-COMP-2 Faculty
Seay, Michael B Lecturer AY - Business Faculty