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Name Title Email Affiliation
Lefevre, Susan J Lecturer AY - University Course Faculty
Leonard, Sheryl Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Letaief, Hassine Lecturer AY-COMP-2 Faculty
Lewis, Ellen Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Lewis, Nikki Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Liang, Priscilla Professor - Business & Economics Faculty
Liess, Shayne Westin Lecturer AY - English Faculty
Linton, Kristen Faye Assistant Professor - Health Sciences Faculty
Liu, KuanFen Assist Prof - Performing Arts Faculty
Lloyd, Leslie Ann Lecturer AY - Art - 2 Faculty
Loman, Nancy Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Lomax, Danna Renee Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Lopez Magana, Norma CAPS Clinician Faculty
Lucas, Theodore Emeritus Faculty
Lugo, Denise I Lecturer AY - Art - 3 Faculty
Luna, Jennie M Instr Fac AY Faculty
Lu, Zhong John Assistant Professor - Economics/Finance Faculty
Lytle, Larry Lecturer AY - Art - 4 Faculty
Mack, Carol Faculty
Magdaleno, Francisco R Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Maher, Dan Lecturer AY - English Faculty
Makarov, Vladimir Andreevich Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Malakoff, Laura Z Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Malik, Parul Assistant Professor - Communication Faculty
Marsh, Steven D Lecturer AY - Performing Arts Faculty
Martinez, Delil Extended University Faculty Faculty
Martin, Joanne Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Matera, Jaime Assistant Prof - Anthropology Faculty
Matjas, Luke Professor - Art Faculty
Mayberry, Bob Emeritus Faculty
Mayorga, David Manuel Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
McClellan, Kendall Anne Lecturer AY - English Faculty
McColpin, Aaron Claude Assistant Professor Faculty
McGrath, Marianne Carroll Instr Fac AY Faculty
McIntyre, Ryan Steven Lecturer AY-COMP-2 Faculty
McNamara, Raymond R Lecturer AY - Performing Arts Faculty
McNary, Joshua Faculty
Medina, Monica Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Mendez, Matthew Sinclair Asst Prof - Political Science Faculty
Meriwether, James H Professor - History Faculty
Michelini, Abigail Rebecca Lecturer Wrtng & Multi. Ctr Faculty
Miller, Jason E Professor Faculty
Mitchell, David E Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Mitchell, Nancy Anne Lecturer AY Faculty
Mitchell, Robin Assist Prof - History Faculty
Mlynarik, Robin Lynne Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Monsma, Bradley J Professor of English Faculty
Moon, Michelle Professor - Psychology Faculty
Moreno Campos, Raul Ernesto Lecturer AY - University Course Faculty
Morgan-Durisseau, Shante Lecturer AY - University Course Faculty