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Name Title Email Affiliation
Henchy, Vivian Laubacher Lecturer AY - Communication Faculty
Hoffmann, Debra A Librarian Faculty
Holmes, Grenisha Jeanae CAPS Clinician Faculty
Hood Whitesell, Ginger S Lecturer AY - History - 2 Faculty
Ho, Phuoc Le Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Htway, Zin Maung Lecturer AY - Biology Faculty
Huang, Jill CAPS Psychologist Faculty
Huang, Nian-Sheng Emeritus Faculty
Hurtado, Carolee Koehn Assistant Professor - Education Faculty
Hutchinson, Catherine E Associate Senior Biology Technician Faculty
Ibrahim, Amira Farid Abdelmoteleb Assistant Professor - Psychology Faculty
Irobi, Edward Okezie Lecturer AY-HLTH-3 Faculty
Isaacs, Jason T Assistant Professor - Computer Science Faculty
Itkonen, Tiina Professor - Education & Political Science Faculty
Jacobson, Dax Faculty
Jaeger, Alan W Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Jenkins, Jacob Associate Professor - Communication Faculty
Jensen, Karen Emeritus Faculty
Jepson, Mark C Lecturer AY - Sociology Faculty
Jiménez Jiménez, Antonio Program Chair and Professor of Spanish Faculty
Johnston, Heidi Ellen Lecturer AY Faculty
Jordan, Kristin Marie Data Scientist Faculty
Jordan, Rachael Lecturer AY - English Faculty
Joseph, Crisjoe Abraham Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Justice, Clifton R Lecturer AY Faculty
Kadakal, Reha Kadri Associate Professor - Sociology Faculty
Karp, Joan Emeritus Faculty
Kee-Rose, Kimmy Program Chair & Professor of Psychology Faculty
Kelly, Sean Q Professor - Political Science Faculty
Kenny Feister, Megan Assistant Professor - Communication Faculty
Khan, Safa Shakir-Shatnawi Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Kilpatrick, Neva Emeritus Faculty
Kim, Jung Sun Sunny Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Kinberg, Jordan Nathanial Teaching Associate Faculty
King, Lizabeth Program Chair and Professor - Art Faculty
Klompien, Kathleen Lecturer AY Faculty
Knight, Darci Lee Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Kobrin, Michelle Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Kobrin, Paul Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Kohli, Vandana Dean for the School of Arts and Sciences Faculty
Koh, Rachel Assistant Professor, Finance Faculty
Kornuc, Sandra Lecturer AY - LANG - 4 Faculty
Krause, Peter Andrew Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Kroll, Panda L Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Kruse, Rebecca Lecturer AY - Liberal Studies Faculty
Kryshchenko, Alona Assist Prof - Mathematics Faculty
Kubitza, Anette Lecturer AY - Art - 4 Faculty
Kuo, Benjamin Faculty
La Monte, Michelle Evonne Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Landry, Lynette Gyneth Program Chair & Professor - Nursing Faculty