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Name Title Email Affiliation
Blagg, Robert D Lecturer AY-SOC-3 Faculty
Blazejewski, Edward Richard Lecturer AY - Physics Faculty
Bleicher, Robert E Professor - Education Faculty
Block, Michael D Lecturer AY - History - 3 Faculty
Blodgett, Michael D Lecturer AY - History Faculty
Bloom, Krista Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Boone, Allan R Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Bourely, Christophe Lecturer AY - Art - 4 Faculty
Boyd Barrett, Joseph Oliver Lecturer AY - Communication Faculty
Bravo, Erik Teaching Associate Faculty
Brice, Daniel Phillip Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Brogden, Stephen Richard Temporary Librarian Faculty Faculty
Brown, Jennifer Anne Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Brown, Kathleen L Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Brown, Michele Jamin Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Buchanan, Merilyn FERP Professor - Education Faculty
Buhl, Geoffrey W Professor of Mathematics Faculty
Burnside, Michael Anthony Lecturer AY - Chemistry - 2 Faculty
Burriss, Catherine S Associate Professor, Performing Art Faculty
Buschmann, Rainer F Professor - History Faculty
Caldwell, Amy Lecturer AY - History - 3 Faculty
Callaway-Cole, Larisa Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Campbell, Matthew W Assistant Professor - Psychology Faculty
Capewell, Dale Lee Lecturer AY - Physics Faculty
Carpenter, Amanda Marie Director of Career Development & Alumni Engagement Faculty
Carrillo, Frank Rubin Lecturer AY-SOC-3 Faculty
Carrillo, Nancy Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Carroll, Linda Cristina Temporary Librarian Faculty Faculty
Carswell, Sean Associate Professor of English Faculty
Cartwright, Rachel Emeritus Faculty
Castaneda, Lillian Professor - Education - FERP Faculty
Castillo, Heather Lynn Instr Fac AY Faculty
Cazares, Leticia Coordinator of Promoting Achievement Through Hope (PATH) Program Faculty
Centino, Nicholas Francisco Assistant Professor - Chicano Studies Faculty
Cervera, Constance Marie Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Chapman, Angela Emeritus Faculty
Chase, Lauren Nicole Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Chen, Minder Professor - Management Information Systems Faculty
Chen, Nien Tsu Associate Professor of Communication Faculty
Christensen, Constance Lecturer AY Faculty
Christopher, Renny Emeritus Faculty
Clarke, Tracylee Professor of Communication Faculty
Clark, Stephen J Professor - Spanish Faculty
Clifford, Jerome R Lecturer AY - Physics Faculty
Clobes, Thomas A Lecturer AY-HLTH-3 Faculty
Confiac, Nathalie Eve Lecturer AY Faculty
Congello, Neomie C Lecturer AY Faculty
Contreras, Kathleen A Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Cook, Matthew Timothy Librarian Faculty
Cooper, Dylan Anthony Assistant Professor - Management Faculty