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Name Title Email Affiliation
Blagg, Robert D Lecturer AY-SOC-3 Faculty
Blazejewski, Edward Richard Lecturer AY - Physics Faculty
Bleicher, Robert E Professor - Education Faculty
Block, Michael D Lecturer AY - History - 3 Faculty
Bloom, Krista Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Boone, Allan R Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Bourely, Christophe Lecturer AY - Art - 4 Faculty
Boyadjian, Isabella Lecturer AY - Sociology Faculty
Boyd Barrett, Joseph Oliver Lecturer AY - Communication Faculty
Brice, Daniel Phillip Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Brown, Jennifer Anne Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Brown, Kathleen L Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Brown, Michele Jamin Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Buchanan, Merilyn Faculty
Bueno, Roberto Faculty
Buhl, Geoffrey W Professor of Mathematics Faculty
Burnside, Michael Anthony Lecturer AY - Chemistry - 2 Faculty
Burris, Jennifer Christine Lecturer AY-HLTH-3 Faculty
Burriss, Catherine S Associate Professor, Performing Art Faculty
Buschmann, Rainer F Professor - History Faculty
Caldwell, Amy Lecturer AY - History - 3 Faculty
Callaway-Cole, Larisa Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Campbell, Matthew W Assistant Professor - Psychology Faculty
Capewell, Dale Lee Lecturer AY - Physics Faculty
Caravello, Jonathan Anthony Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Carpenter, Amanda Marie Director of Career Development & Alumni Engagement Faculty
Carrillo, Frank Rubin Lecturer AY-SOC-3 Faculty
Carrillo, Nancy Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Carroll, Linda Cristina Public Services Librarian Faculty
Carswell, Sean Associate Professor of English Faculty
Cartwright, Rachel Emeritus Faculty
Castaneda, Lillian Faculty
Castillo, Heather Lynn Instr Fac AY Faculty
Cazares, Leticia Coordinator of Promoting Achievement Through Hope (PATH) Program Faculty
Centino, Nicholas Francisco Assistant Professor - Chicano Studies Faculty
Cervera, Constance Marie Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Chapman, Angela Emeritus Faculty
Chase, Lauren Nicole Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Chavarria, Karina Assistant Professor - Sociology Faculty
Chen, Minder Professor - Management Information Systems Faculty
Chen, Nien Tsu Associate Professor of Communication Faculty
Cherkasov, Larisa Faculty
Christensen, Constance Lecturer AY Faculty
Christopher, Renny Emeritus Faculty
Clarke, Tracylee Professor of Communication Faculty
Clark, Stephen J Professor - Spanish Faculty
Clifford, Jerome R Lecturer AY - Physics Faculty
Clobes, Thomas A Lecturer AY-HLTH-3 Faculty
Comstock, Leslie Ann Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Confiac, Nathalie Eve Lecturer AY Faculty