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Name Title Email Affiliation
Abbasi, Bahareh Assistant Professor - Mechatronics Engineering Faculty
Abdolee, Reza Assist Prof - Comp Sci Faculty
Abell, Leslie Marie Lecturer AY - Sociology Faculty
Abramiuk, Marc Alexander Lecturer AY - Anthropology - 3 Faculty
Adams III, Virgil H Instr Fac AY Faculty
Adler, Mary Program Chair & Professor - English Faculty
Alamillo, Jose M Program Chair & Professor of Chicana/o Studies Faculty
Alarcon, Ruben Professor - Biology Faculty
Allison, Tim Lecturer AY - POLS - 3 Faculty
Aloy, Lisa Faculty
Al-Salman, Sami Muhsin Lecturer AY - Comp - 3 Faculty
Alvarado, Allison H AY Instructional Faculty Faculty
Anderson, Sean S Program Chair & Professor of ESRM Faculty
Anderson, Stacey S Associate Professor - English Faculty
Andreoli, Shannon Lynn Lecturer AY - Biology Faculty
Andrzejewski, Susan Ann Interim Dean for the MVS School of Business and Economics Faculty
Aquino, Bryn Alexis Lecturer AY - Biology Faculty
Armanino, Daniel Carl Lecturer AY-SOC-3 Faculty
Arner-Costello, Fran Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Atashbar, Maryam Extended University Faculty Faculty
Aten, Marc D Web Developer Faculty
Avila, Theresa Instr Fac AY Faculty
Awad, Ahmed Mohamed Associate Professor of Chemistry Faculty
Baker, Dana L Program Chair & Professor - Political Science Faculty
Baker, Harley Emeritus Faculty
Baker, Raquel Lisette Assistant Professor - English Faculty
Balén, Julia Director of Faculty Development & Professor Faculty
Ballesteros-Sola, Maria A Instructional Faculty AY Faculty
Banuelos, Selenne Hayde Associate Professor of Math Faculty
Barajas, Frank P Dept. Chair AY Faculty
Barber, William Chappell Lecturer AY - Physics Faculty
Barker, Blair Susanne Lecturer AY-HLTH-2 Faculty
Barmazel, Julie Lecturer AY Faculty
Barron-Camacho, Acela Lecturer AY - LANG - 3 Faculty
Barton, Jared P Program Chair & Associate Professor of Economics Faculty
Beauregard, Stacey Anne Lecturer AY Faculty
Becerra, Caryl Ann M Lecturer AY - Biology Faculty
Beers, Susan Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Bellomy, Amy L Lecturer AY Faculty
Bennett, David Alan Lecturer AY - Phys - 2 Faculty
Bennett, Tracy S Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Bergholtz, Andrea Ilene Lecturer AY Faculty
Berkowsky, Ronald W Assistant Professor Faculty
Bernardino, Lucinda Ilene Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Betancourt, Juan Ramon Lecturer AY-HLTH-2 Faculty
Bezrati, Sumaya Lecturer AY - LANG - 3 Faculty
Bickel, Craig Andrew Lecturer AY - Performing Arts Faculty
Bieszczad, Andrzej Professor - Computer Science Faculty
Bieszczad, Anna Emeritus Faculty
Blackwood, Elizabeth Ruth Digital Curation & Scholarship Librarian Faculty