Hours: Two hours lecture and two hours activity per week Prerequisite: Any CHS or PA or PADA and Junior Standing and successful completion of Golden Four GE Areas (A1, A2, A3, B4) Description: Examines fundamental techniques, styles, rhythms, and choreographs of Aztec Dance, along with its history, cultural symbols, Pan-Indian/Intertribal relationships, study of various instruments, regalia, and deciphering the Aztec Calendar. Lectures about the history of Aztec Dance in Mexico and the United States.

Status: Open
Class Number: 1131
Session: Regular Academic Session
Units: 3.00
Class Components: Lecture
Career: Undergraduate
Dates: 1/23/2016 - 5/27/2016
Grading: Letter Grade

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Textbook / Other Materials

Status: Required
ISBN: 9780520280083
Title: How Race Is Made in America
Publisher: University of California Press
Author: Molina

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  • Upper Division
  • E: Life-Long & Self-Development
  • C3B: Multicultural


Prerequisite course required. Consult CSUCI Catalog
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