ESRM 313 - Conservation Biology


Hours: Three hours lecture and three hours laboratory per week Prerequisites: BIOL 200 This course explores issues surrounding the conservation of biodiversity. Topics to be covered include: species-, population-, and ecosystem-level issues, biodiversity, extinction, sustained yield, exotic species, and reserve design. Management implications and the ecology of issues are integrated throughout the course.

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M  9:00 AM  -  11:50 AM  Sierra Hall 1411 1/20/2018 - 5/25/2018 Clare Steele

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Class Number: 1036
Session: Regular Academic Session
Units: 4.00
Class Components: Lecture
Career: Undergraduate
Dates: 1/20/2018 - 5/25/2018
Grading: Letter Grade

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Textbook / Other Materials

Status: Required
ISBN: 9781605354736
Title: Intro to Conservation Biology
Publisher: Sinauer Associates, Incorporat
Author: Primack

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  • Upper Division
  • Lab Fee $40


Prerequisite course required. Consult CSUCI Catalog