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Professor: Mathematics

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Ph.D. Math, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002
MA Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2000
MS Mathematics, Center for Research and Advanced Studies, National Polytechnic Institute, 1995
BS Mathematics, National University of Mexico, 1991


Dr. Garcia was an associate professor at National University of Mexico (UNAM) where he did his BS. Once he had an MS at Center for Advanced Studies and Research (CINVESTAV, National Polytechnic Institute) in Mexico City, he traveled to Madison Wisconsin to obtain a MA (Math, Math is considered an art at UW-Madison). At the same school, UW-Madison, Dr Garcia completed his Ph.D. dissertation on Stochastic Integrals and Large Deviations.

He joined the CSUCI faculty team in 2003, where his favorite classes to teach are Real Analysis, Probability, Topology and Calculus.

Being a native from Mexico, Dr. Garcia has Math in his blood, loves Football (soccer), and enjoys Mexican food as well as cooking.

Representative Courses Taught

  • MATH 351 Real Analysis
  • MATH 352 Probability and Statistics
  • MATH 150 Calculus
  • MATH 512 Measure Theory and Probabilistic Methods



Probability, Large Deviations, Contraction Principle, Stochastic Integrals, Prime Numbers, Graph Pebbling, Constructible Sets, Quadratic Residues, Class Number Formula, Mathematics Education

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