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Professor: Psychology

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B.A. Psychology and Business Economics, University of California, Santa Cruz
M.A. Communications, San Diego State University
Ph.D. Developmental Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz


Dr. Christy Teranishi Martinez, Professor of Psychology at California State University Channel Islands, specializes in the area of adolescence, relationships, and positive psychology. Her research examines factors that contribute to well-being, including nature, flow (i.e., complete focus and engagement in a pleasurable activity), relationships, spirituality, and happiness. She also examines the impact of creative outlets on stress and coping with relational conflict and intimate partner violence. She balances family, work, and healthy lifestyle with the love and support of her husband, Daniel, and by running on the beach with her son, Hayden, and dog, Goldilocks.

Representative Courses Taught

  • PSY 445 Adolescent Development
  • PSY 301 Psychological Research Design and Statistical Methods
  • PSY 494 Positive Psychology
  • CHS 383 Chicano/a Identity and Empowerment



Latino/a identity development, Flow, Experiential Learning, Interpersonal Relationships, Intimate Partner Violence

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