Photo of Antonio F. Jiménez Jiménez
Associate Professor: Spanish

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Ph.D. Spanish Applied Linguistics, The Pennsylvania State University, 2003
B.A. Translation and Interpreting, University of Malaga , 1999


Dr. Antonio F. Jiménez Jiménez holds a Ph.D. in Spanish Applied Linguistics from the Pennsylvania State University, and a B.A. in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Málaga (Spain). He is an Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics at California State University Channel Islands, where he also directs the Center for International Affairs. His research involves the acquisition and attrition of second languages during and after study abroad programs. Dr. Jiménez Jiménez has directed several study abroad programs in Spain and México. His publications link second language acquisition in study abroad contexts with Vygotsky´s sociocultural theory. Most recently, he has been researching the private speech of bilingual speakers and the linguistic and cultural impact of study abroad on Spanish heritage speakers.

Representative Courses Taught

  • SPAN 410 Civilizations and Cultures of Spain
  • SPAN 320 Introduction to Spanish Translation
  • SPAN 350 Avanced Spanish Grammar and Composition
  • SPAN 420 Specialized Spanish Translation
  • UNIV 392 International Experience
  • SPAN 415 Spanish Language Variation and Diversity
  • SPAN 429 Social Change in Spain



Second Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Language Attrition, Sociocultural Theory, Private Speech, Study Abroad