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Brittnee Veldman

Lecturer, Chemistry

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Ph.D Physical Chemistry, University of California Santa Barbara
B.S. Chemistry, University of California Los Angeles



My research is in the field of materials chemistry which looks at projects that blend chemistry, physics and engineering. The goal of our research is to build lighter and more energy efficient electronics by optimizing the materials from which they are made. By understanding how the structure and interactions of molecules change the physical properties of a material, it is possible to design better materials for a given application.

Currently, students in my group are working to synthesize high-dielectric, nano-composite materials for use in flexible transistors. They also design, build, and program lab equipment from Arduino and Lego; and develop new tools and techniques to measure and model the capacitance of the nano-composite films.

New developments and opportunities in the project can be found here:


Science is the product of observation and the faithful recording and relaying of those observations. Most students struggle with the process of learning how to properly communicate as a scientist. Here are two resources to help with the process:

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Representative Courses Taught

  • CHEM 250 Quantitative Analysis
  • CHEM 371 Physical Chemistry 1
  • CHEM 373 Physical Chemistry 2