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Accomplishments by Sarah Sentilles


Exhibitions / Presentations:

  • "Where Are the Peace Memos?." Presented to Los Angeles Region Religious Campaign Against Torture; Progressive Christians Uniting; Pax Christi Southern California. Interfaith Peace Garden, Encino, CA. Sep 21, 2009.


  • "Misreading Feuerbach: Susan Sontag, Photography and the Image-World." Literature and Theology. Vol. 24 No. 1 March 2010. 38-55. (

Other Activities:

  • "Christianity and Torture." with K. King. Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Exploratory Seminar, Harvard University. $14000. 2010.
  • Are Christians Theologically Prepared to Accept Torture?. May 12, 2009. (
  • Gay or Black, It's Still Church-Sanctioned Discrimination. Apr 20, 2009. (,_it%E2%80%99s_still_church-sanctioned_discrimination)



  • "'He Looked Like Jesus Christ': Crucifixion, Torture, and the Limits of Empathy as a Response to the Photographs from Abu Ghraib." Harvard Divinity Bulletin. Vol. 36 No. 1 Winter 2008. 32-38. (



  • A Church of Her Own: What Happens When a Woman Takes the Pulpit. New York: Harcourt, 2008.



  • Taught by America: A Story of Struggle and Hope in Compton. Boston: Beacon Press, 2005.