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Accomplishments by Mark Zacharias


Exhibitions / Presentations:

  • "Marine Habitat Assessment as it Relates to Arctic Biodiversity Assessment." Presented to the Arctic Coastal Dynamics (ACD) Project. St. Petersburg, Russia. November 2003.


Exhibitions / Presentations:

  • "Introduction to Marine Classification and Habitat Mapping." Presented to Marine Habitat Classification Workshop. Moss Landing Marine Labs. Hosted by the California Department of Fish and Game. May 27, 2003.
  • "Properties of Focal Species under Various Ecological and Anthropogenic Conditions: Implications for Marine Conservation and Management." with J. Roff. Paper delivered at the Fifth International Science and Management of Protected Areas Association Conference. Victoria, British Columbia, May 11, 2003.
  • "Marine Monitoring and Ecological Classification." Presented to Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas Socioeconomic and Biological Monitoring Workshop. University of California Santa Barbara. Hosted by the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and California Department of Fish and Game. March 2003.
  • "A Methodology for Identifying Marine Sensitive Areas." with E. Gregr. Paper delivered at Resource Inventory Committee. Victoria, British Columbia, 2003.


  • "An Overview and Gap Anaysis of Marine Protected Areas in Britsh Columbia." with J. Dunham, D. Howes, and D. Bifford. BC Parks Occasional Paper. 2002. 572.

Other Activities:

  • "Development of Probabilistic Models of Marine Wildlife - Intertidal Habitat Associations in Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound: An Assessment of Vulnerability and Sensitivity to Offshore Development." Province of British Columbia, Ducks Unlimited, Fisheries and Oceans Canada. $40,000.00. 2003.
  • "Characterizing Coastal and Marine Habitats to Develop Management and Conservation Guidelines." Co-investigator with the Whale Research Laboratory, University of Victoria, Province of British Columbia. $80,000.00. 2003.