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Accomplishments by Maria K. Denney


Exhibitions / Presentations:

  • "Postpartum depression services for monolingual Spanish-speaking mothers and infants: Cross-cultural pathways to care." with D. Holmes. Presented to Zero to Three National Training Institute. Albuquerque, NM. December 2006.
  • "A tale of two programs: A comparative study of electronic portfolio assessment in teacher education." with J. Grier. Paper delivered at American Educational Research Association. San Francisco, CA, April 2006.


  • "Maternal stress and efficacy for Latina mothers with infants in neonatal intensive care.." with Y. Okamoto, G. Singer, M. Brenner, and S. Barkley. Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities. Vol. 31 No. 3 Fall 2006. 255-266.

Other Activities:

  • A Digital Archive of Families, Professionals and Exceptionality. Website. 2006. (
  • Richard's Story. Website. with J. Leafstedt. Problem-based learning module for teacher training. 2005. (


Exhibitions / Presentations:

  • "Preschool for All and Workforce Development." with C. Atkin, E. Monahan, and L. Escobedo. Panel discussion at California Child Care Coordinators Association Conference. Santa Barbara, CA, Oct 5, 2005.
  • "Electronic Portfolios: Teacher Education Assessment Project." with J. Grier. Presented to CSUCI Spring 2005 Faculty Presentations. Camarillo, CA. Apr 21, 2005.


Exhibitions / Presentations:

  • "Comprehensive Postpartum Depression Services for Mono-Lingual Spanish-Speaking Mothers and Infants: Cross-Cultural Pathways to Care." Presented to Marce Society Biennial Meeting - International Society for Psychiatric Disorders of Childbearing. St. Catherine's College, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom. September 2004.

Other Activities:

  • Martin V. Smith Faculty Innovation and Excellence Grant, CSUCI. 2004.
  • Digital Collection, Summer Faculty Teaching Fellowship, University Library and Faculty Development Office, CSUCI. 2004.
  • Portraits of Exceptionality: A Special Collection of Multi-Media about Individuals with Disabilities - Past and Present. Website. Digital Library Collection, CSUCI. 2004. (


Other Activities:

  • "TeachLink: MultiMedia Learning for Pre-Service Teacher Training." with J. Leafstedt. Faculty Development Mini-Grant, CSUCI Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs. $13,000. 2005.
  • Maternal Mental Health in the Postpartum Period: Cross-Cultural Pathways to Care. with D. Holmes. Research Project. CSUCI in Collaboration with Child Abuse Listening Mediation, Santa Barbara, CA. 2005.
  • "Early Reading Project II: Early Intervention Skills Training for Pre-Service Teachers." with J. Leafstedt. Smith Family Faculty Innovation and Excellence Grant, CSUCI Office of the Provost. $8,800. 2004.