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Accomplishments by Kiersten "Kiki" Patsch



  • "Natural Changes and Human Impacts on the Sand Budgets and Beach Widths of the Zuma and Santa Monica Littoral Cells, Southern California." with G. Griggs. Shore and Beach. Vol. 86 No. 1 March 2018. 3-16.

Other Activities:

  • Review of: Coasts in Crisis: A Global Challenge. "A Review of Coasts in Crisis: A Global Challenge." Coastal Management. 42: 2 (February 2018), 75-77. (



  • "Establishing Sea Cliff Erosion Rates and Identifying Erosional Hotspots for Becher's Bay, Santa Rosa Island." with A. Coty and P. Costa. CSU Geospatial Review. Vol. 14 Spring March 2017. 1, 6-7. (