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Accomplishments by Kara Naidoo


Exhibitions / Presentations:

  • "Supporting Youth Engagement: Academic, Mentoring, and Community Activities Designed to Reconnect At-Risk Youth." with K. Zaromatidis and C. Salch. Paper delivered at National Dropout Preventation Conference. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Feb 18, 2019.


Exhibitions / Presentations:

  • "Case Studies of Teacher Candidates Overcoming Fear, Resistance and Struggles to Teach Children using Transformative Reflection." with S. Kirch, A. Devitt, and P. Sabouri. Paper delivered at American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Maryland, March 2018.
  • "Innovative Extended Learning Opportunities and Strategies for Retention and Graduation for At-Risk Students.." with K. Zaromatidis and C. Salch. Panel discussion at National Dropout Prevention Conference. Palm Springs, October 2017.


  • "Capturing the Transformation and Dynamic Nature of Identity Development Using Analytic Tools Grounded in the Cultural-Historical Activity Theory." Research in Science Education. Vol. 47 No. 6 December 2017. 1331-1355.
  • "Interdisciplinary Summer Institute Offering STEAM Activities for At-Risk Middle School Students." with K. Zaromatidis. The STEAM Journal. Vol. 3 No. 1 November 2017. 1-5.
  • "School- University Partnerships: NGSS Professional Development Sessions with Teacher Candidates and Mentors to Connect Teacher Education and Classroom Experiences." with A. Ransom. Southern California Professional Development Schools NewsMagazine. Vol. 6 No. 2 Fall November 2017. 1.