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Accomplishments by Catherine Scott Burriss


Other Activities:

  • "Cocktail Party of the Damned, excerpt from Drought: What Are You Thirsty For?." with T. Hudak, A. Sheeren, S. Grass, B. Mayberry, D. Warrick, Z. Weiss, J. Lacques, N. Thomas, and H. Castillo. "The Cocktail Party of the Damned" chapter features site specific movement with live music and the first-ever meeting of the new social club, the Council of People Orchestrating Tomorrow's Direction, or the CPOTD. The CPOTD is a social club for 'elites' positioned at powerful pivot points in water and resource policy who gather to practice public speaking and public persuasion skills and compete for a spot on the top secret list of people chosen to go to the Mars Colony.. Working Artirts Ventura (WAV). Jul 17, 2015. (


Exhibitions / Presentations:

  • "Faculty Development for a Curriculum in Transition." with E. Hartung and M. Francois. Panel discussion at American Association of American Colleges and Universities -- General Education and Assessment. Kansas City, Missouri, Feb 20, 2015. (



  • "Troubling Doubling, Exceptional Oeconomia, and Compensation in Gl’Ingannati." Quaderni d'italianistica. Vol. 33 No. 1 March 2013. Forthcoming.

Other Activities:

  • "What Comes Naturally." with T. Hudak and E. Leister. An original full-length solo performance that negotiates the fraught intersection of the personal and the political, grappling with queer marriage and queer birth when majority rule is tyrannizing one and malpractice rules are traumatizing the other. Drawing from her own experiences and focusing on moments when Burriss finds—or fails to find—the fierceness needed to stand up to bigotry and ignorance, this piece explores the humor and heartbreak that emerge when our tender private loves and lives collide with the inertial weight of public institutions and get swept up in the current of national debate. HIghways Performance Space, Santa Monica. Aug 6, 2012. (
  • Spring Production, Cabaret. with H. Castillo, K. Liu, T. Lucas, R. Myers, and R. Rogers. IRA Grant for the university's first musical production. March 2012. (


Exhibitions / Presentations:

  • "Working Shakespeare: Culture, Contamination, and Cornerstone's _As You Like It: a California Concoction_." Paper delivered at American Society for Theatre Research. Seattle, WA, Nov 19, 2010. Shakespearean Performance Research Group
  • "Venetian and Other Identities in Aretino's Comedy _Talanta_." Paper delivered at Renaissance Society of America. Los Angeles, CA, Mar 20, 2009. Aliens on the Italian Stage and Page: Cross-Cultural Encounters

Other Activities:

  • What Comes Naturally. Solo performance in development (2010-11 Faculty Development Mini-grant). Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica. August 2010.


Exhibitions / Presentations:

  • "The Letter versus the Spirit: (Dis)obeying the Laws of Comedy in Renaissance Italy, Shakespearean England, and Southern California." Paper delivered at ASTR (American Society for Theatre Research). Phoenix, AZ, Nov 15, 2007. Intervening 'America'
  • "Pendant and Pirate: Gl'Ingannati and Twelfth Night." Paper delivered at The Blackfriars Conference. American Shakespeare Center, Staunton, VA, Oct 25, 2007.
  • "RE:Actions Performance Project: New Orleans." with S. Bremer, K. Browne, R. Curry-Browne, K. Ellis, D. Looser, and M. Loayza. Presented to Association for Theatre in Higher Education. New Orleans, LA. Jul 27, 2007.
  • "Rewriting Aretino, Rereading Talanta." Paper delivered at GEMCS (Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies). Chicago, Feb 24, 2007. Reconstructing Histories, 1550-1850.