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Nitika Parmar

Assistant Professor, Biology

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Dr. Nitika Parmar received her PhD in Molecular Biology from UCLA and subsequently completed a Post-Doctoral fellowship at UCLA after which she was appointed as an Assistant Project Scientist. Her prior education was received in India where she did her BS (Honors) in Biophysics followed by an MS in Biotechnology and MTech in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

Nitika’s fields of interest include molecular biology, genetic engineering, and DNA recombinant technology. Her research focuses on understanding signal transduction pathways controlling cellular growth (normal and cancer) as well as studying protein damage in response to aging. She has utilized various organisms such as bacteria, worms and plants as well as Drosophila and mammalian cell lines to address her research.

She enjoys the excitement of research but tremendously enjoys teaching and interacting with students as well. She feels that molecular biology has no limits and that its benefits can be tapped with an unending potential- the only requirement being a sense of intense motivation and enthusiasm!